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Fuse Board and Consumer Unit Faults

The latest technology of desktop computers, game consoles and more require a large amount of power to keep them running without losing power. Therefore with the extra stress on the power supply, older fuse boards and consumer units cannot cope with the extra demand.
Older fuse boards are prone to faults such as unreliable or random power failure and even worse a safety risk.

An upgraded fuse board will give you peace of mind that your house is safe from hazard such as electric shock, which can be deadly.

The upgraded fuseboard will contain the latest equipment such as Residual Current Device (RCD) and also Mini Circuit Breakers (MCD). Our Cardiff electricians are fully approved and all their work is compliant to British Standards.

We recently visited a student house in Cathays, where the landlord was describing the classic symptoms of a faulty fuseboard.

The problem described was once all the tenants (6 of them) were in the house and using their computers and other electrical devices, there would be a power cut. Many of the students had game consoles and large widescreen TVs and one student had 4 monitors (1×42, 2×24 and 1×18) running all at the same time.

I therefore discussed the issue with the landlord and arranged an upgrade of the fuse board. After the install of the upgraded fuse board, there were no longer any issues with the power tripping. For more information, visit the fuseboard and consumer unit page.

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