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Energy Saving Solutions

Energy saving burrows far deeper than just the type of bulbs you use for your lighting and Energy Saving Trust estimates that you can save around £250 a year by just changing a few habits.

The important thing you must realise is that every habit that you cut out will reduce your overall consumption and our Cardiff electricians have a few tips to help you save your hard earned money.

The most wasteful and easiest habit to cut out is by simply avoiding allowing your electrical appliance to be left on standby whilst you are not using it.

A typical house hold could save anything from £50 – £90 a year by simply turning off electrical appliances off at the mains, which wont disrupt their systems. This is similar to leaving lights on in a room with nobody present in that particular room. This is common sense, but people don’t understand the amount of money wasted each year!

The kitchen typically contains the majority of electrical appliances within a household. A tumble dryer can cost up to £139 per year if you have an inefficient machines, therefore drying your clothes outside when possible is a simple way of saving money.

However, the weather in Britain is not pleasant all the time, however there are a few things you can do to save money. Firstly, ensuring that their is a full load in the tumble dryer, cleaning the lint filter every time or when purchasing a machine, ensure that you purchase an A+++ energy efficient rated model.

Other tips are setting the washing machine to 30°C, fill the kettle with the water that you need to boil and use a bowl of water instead of running a tap constantly to wash dishes. These tips alone can save you up to £43 per year.

Lighting is essential at night and can be turned on for a vast amount of time, therefore its important to buy energy efficient bulbs. The older and traditional light bulbs can last around a year, whereas the latest energy efficient bulbs can last up to 10 years and some LED light bulbs can last up to 25 years, depending on wiring.

However, if you buy budget bulbs, these approximates may vary! Energy Saving Trust predict that around 20% of the typical household bill is spent on lighting, therefore if you are not using energy efficient bulbs, you may be wasting hard earned money.

Solar panels are becoming more popular here in the UK because of there vast amount of savings that are possible. They generate electricity for your household and can also be used to heat up water, thus slashing your water heating bill by around a third.

There are many ways to save energy and more importantly money, many of which don’t require a trained electrician, just common sense. If you wish to improve your energy efficiency, our Cardiff electricians will be on hand to fulfill your requirements.

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