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How to Choose the Right Cardiff Electrician

In England and Wales, the legal requirement for electrical installations is different to Scotland and Northern Ireland, therefore its important to know the facts before agreeing to an installation. Electrical installations in England and  Wales must follow the Building Regulations, whereas Scotland, they follow the Building Standards system.

Ask Questions

Before you allow any electrical work at your premises, ensure that you have asked the correct questions. The main question that you should be asking is whether the electrician is qualified and whether they have chosen to be a registered member of one of the Government approved schemes. A registered electrician is a benefit because as a client, if something were to go wrong, you will receive additional protection if there is a problem. If you are unsure to whether the electrician is being truthful, you can contact the scheme directly to check their registration.

Ask for Paperwork

Don’t be afraid to see paperwork regarding the electricians qualifications because if they are trying to avoid showing you, then this may be warning signs to the fact they may not actually be qualified to complete the job that you are asking them to do.

Get more than one Quote

An electrician is a competitive trade and there will always be many electricians in your local area. For example if you search “electricians in Cardiff” you will see multiple pages. Therefore for any job, no matter how big or small, ring multiple electricians to get the cost of your installation as cheap as possible.

Common Sense

If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t feel pressured into making any quick decsions. If you feel uncomfortable for any reasons at all, then seek advice before they begin any work at your premises. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Trading Standards will be able to give you advice if you want to dispute work.

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