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Security Alarm & CCTV Install

Our very experienced Cardiff Electricians can install security alarms for your property/business in an efficient manner to protect you from theft. We can install various security alarms for all types of properties, which include wired security alarms, wireless security systems and CCTV. With an approved security systems installed within your property, this may entitle you to a reduction to your insurance policy depending on your provider.

Cardiff Security Alarm Installation

Without a security alarm, it is predicted that 60% of criminals will be encouraged to attack a house without a system compared to a secure property. Our Cardiff electricians are fully trained in order to install a security alarm in a quick and timely manner.

security camera install cardiff

Cardiff CCTV Installation

The perception of Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) only being installed on the expensive properties has changed due to the fact that technology has moved forward, resulting in CCTV being more affordable. Here in the UK there is more CCTV per person than any other country, therefore crime is becoming harder to  get away with. Some of the latest cameras include a wiper for the screen, high resolution video and 360 degree movement at affordable prices. Our Cardiff electricians are trained to install a wide range of CCTV devies such as flexible to dome models, which are mounted to ceilings.

If you would like a free quote for either a CCTV installation or Security alarm, please use the contact form.

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