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PAT Testing Cardiff

All of our electricians are able to undertake Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) on all electrical appliances in Cardiff and the South Wales area.

Although not a legal requirement, its good practice for companies to regularly test electrical items. Some appliances can be checked visually, but some require electrical testing devices to decide their safety.

We use the latest technology to ensure we obtain a reliable source of information from appliances.

cardiff electrician pat testing

A Portable Appliance Test carried out by an electrician consists of four steps:

User Check – Detect any dangers with the equipment and environment before use. For example and signs of frayed cable, as well as poor environments i.e. wet or trip hazards.

Formal Visual Inspection – Visual inspection of the appliance, cable, plugs, fuse, cable, clamping arrangement and many more. Our electricians have a checklist which they follow for each appliance.

Combined Inspection and Testing – A ‘mains’ test, which uses PAT testing equipment, that involves testing currents/voltages in order to measure the safety measures which are built into the appliance.

PAT Testing Frequency – The frequency in  which a PAT test should be carried out and is decided by the customer.

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