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Extra Lights, Switches and Sockets in Cardiff

Extra Sockets

Many older properties will not have as many sockets as you will need for all your technology, however our trained electricians are here to help. Some older sockets wont be enough to power all the latest televisions, game consoles etc, extensions sockets are a short term solution, but then you are adding more fire hazards to your property. A great way to improve your garden is to include outdoor lighting, which can be used to show off good features or act as a passage way. Our experienced electricians can add more or move sockets for your property to your specification.

outdoor lighting install cardiff

Extra Lighting

Bad lighting in a room can make your property look dull and become irritating at times, but with an easy electrical change, the lighting in your property can be transformed. Our electricians can install various styles of lighting, such as wall lights, down lights or spot lights. It may seem an easy task to change a light, however understanding the relegation and how circuits work together in order to be safe requires a trained electrician.

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