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Emergency Lighting in Cardiff

Emergency lighting is required by law in the case of an emergency where the main power supply fails. In the case of a fire or power cut, the main electrical supply will be lost and therefore the normal lighting supply fails, thus leading to darkness and danger/panic to occupants of the building.

Emergency Lighting is vital within an emergency as it gives a clear indication to the occupants the safe way to exit the building. Our Cardiff electricians can design, install and maintain emergency lighting systems for your property in order to be fully compliant with British Standards (BS5266). All buildings are different and we are a able to build a solution to your specification.

emergency lighting cardiff

Emergency lighting stays illuminated at all times due to being battery powered, where the batteries stay charged when the main electricity is running.

We offer emergency lighting for exits and escape routes, with all that is needed, such as illuminated fire exit signs, emergency spot lights and LED escape route signs. For a free quote regarding emergency lighting, please fill in the contact form.

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