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Electrical Rewire in Cardiff

Houses prior to 1970 mostly use material and methods which are now outdated, which causes degeneration of cables and junctions. This has the possibility of causing electrical fires and electrocution. An electrical rewire will bring the property up to the current regulations and safety standards and will safe money on bills. Houes usually need a rewire after 25-35 years, but it is not always possible to figure out when the property was last rewired. Our electricians in Cardiff will be able to test this out, which should be considered before buying a property.

How long will a rewire take?

How long is a piece of string? There is no exact time due to the numerous factors that will affect the rewiring. For example, will the property need a full rewire or a partial rewire? Our electricians can carry out electrical testing in order to give you advice regarding this issue.

The most obvious factor is how large is the building because a 1 bedroom flat will take less time than a 6 bedroom house. Our experienced electricians can carry out a rewire whilst the occupants are still living in the property. However, if you wish to speed the process up, moving out of the house may be an option.

rewire cardiff
cardiff rewire

What is the cost of a Rewire in Cardiff?

We cannot provide a set figure for all buildings and its completely dependent on the size of the property and the work that needs doing. However, we approach all jobs individually and will provide a free written quote before and work is undertaken after a visit. For a free quotation or a visit to your property, complete the contact form provided.

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