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Electrical Fault Finding in Cardiff

Electrical faults such as flickering of the lights or random power cuts can be very irritating or costly. Our trained electricians can offer a fast and effective fault finding service to avoid these problems.

There are a number of reasons in which your property may be suffering electrical problems, such as damaged or corroded wiring, poor environments and poor previous repairs.

Electrical faults usually give clear indications that they are failing. For example, burning smells around switches, dimming of lights when using other appliances, cracking noise from switches and fuses blowing for no apparent reasons.

If you experience any of these common symptoms, contact us for a visit.

fault finding diagnosis electric cardiff

All of our experienced electricians will be able to visual inspect the wiring and electrical appliances to check for signs of damage, corrosion and any obvious overheating. If a visual problem is found early on, the problem is usually revealed, but if not, further electrical tests must be carried out.

Our electrician will replace the faulty part immediately once the problem is found and then retest the appliance.

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